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Un-conventional food value chains, A power-to-food concept

FINEST develops new food concepts as part of reducing the climate system's climate impact.

Compared to agriculture, the disruptive Power-to-Food-production (PtF) scheme, based on chemical technology has the potential to contribute to robustness in the food and feed supply during a changing climate without sacrificing the environmental sustainability goals.

The concept is based on production of food (and feed) ingredients from electricity and CO2 and has the potential to supplement agriculture to support a growing population on earth. This could be done greatly reducing the environmental impact, through binding CO2 from the atmosphere during the process. Also, the utilization of PtF will relieve the pressure on many of the other important planetary boundaries, e. g. biosphere integrity (negligible land use for a refinery), biogeochemical flows of nitrogen and phosphorous and freshwater use.

The PtF could be applied for unsaturated fats, amino acids and sugars, supporting the use of PtF ingredients in the food/ feed system, and the aim of this case will be to study how a completely novel food value chain could be developed, looking into barriers and possibilities for large scale production, and what parties could build up the value chains. Sustainability and energy efficient production being the most important factor to study, followed by consumer acceptance and the health perspectives and, also regulation demands to meet. The overall vision with the PtF concept is to be able to contribute significantly to the global food and feed production with complementary non-farming methods, contributing to a climate positive effect.


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Un-conventional food value chains



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4 years

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action

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Anders Lorén


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