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TRAnsitioning to Circular Economy via CERTificAtion in INdusTrY

The TRACE CERTAINTY project focuses on one or a few alternative ways to measure circularity for products, to find a way that is practically verifiable and certifiable, and in line with the best current knowledge of where ISO and European standards in the area are likely to achieve.

Background & Challenges

Standards like those provided by ISO help form industry practice. Thus, the codification of principles and norms in ISO standards –can play a critical role in the transition to a circular economy if only they capture what is new about the circular economy. Otherwise, standards for circular economy may merely reaffirm decades of efforts related to “circularity” in the form of material recycling and resource efficiency. Stimulating real change will arguably require standards that emphasize concepts and norms such as value preservation that set circular economy apart from previous industrial ecology endeavours. 


The project TRACE aims to develop a protocol for measuring circularity of product systems that is practically verifiable and certifiable and that is in line with the best current knowledge of ISO and EU standards. The development of the protocol will be done in collaboration with SKF RecondOil and Linköping Tekniska Högskola and will strive to define a general framework that can be used for many products and settings. 

The project is part of RISE’s ongoing work on the development of a certification system for circularity.  


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12 months

Total budget

1 845 025 kronor


Linköpings universitet, SKF RecondOil

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

12. Responsible consumption and production
Emanuela Vanacore

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Emanuela Vanacore


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