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Testbed for Digital Labelling of Archive Documents

Stockholm City Archive and RISE have developed a testbed for digital labelling of archive documents. Selected digital radio technique (RFID) offers a long detection range, high reading rate, and battery-free operation. Digital labelling is expected to improve archive logistics, security, document tracking and availability.


Digital labels should have a long lifetime in archive environment and minimal harmful affect on archive documents. Reading labels on tightly packet steel shelves is challenging due to radio signal attenuation and shielding.


Testbed provides a unique opportunity for technology and equipment suppliers. They can test own products in a specific environment. The goal is to help Stockholm City Archive, Swedish National Archive and other institutions of cultural heritage to evaluate different technologies for digital labelling and localization of cultural artifacts. Results from evaluation are planned to be used as a basis for purchasing of overall City Archive labelling system.


Project name

Digital Labelling of Archive Documents




Region Stockholm

RISE role in project

RFID technology implementation, network adaptation and software integration

Project start


1 year

Total budget

1 190 000 SEK


Stockholm City Archive



Project members