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Sustainable Future Work

Sustainable Future Work (SFW) strives to create future work and work environments that are attractive and create value for individuals, organisations, and society.

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The project has a systemic perspective on transformation and development of individuals, teams, and organizations with the goal of achieving sustainable working conditions, innovation capability, and competitiveness. Integration of human, organizational, and technological aspects of work within the wider context of major changes and future developments are considered in this transformation process. A healthy balance between productivity, quality, well-being and continuous renewal and innovation is central in the process, and various transformative practices and digital technologies can be used as enablers to create conditions for human flourishing and organizational and societal sustainability.

Some examples of topics that are currently explored in projects with external partners:

  • Developing future scenarios of how work, jobs, skill-sets and work environment will look like in the future
  • Capability for continuous learning, resilience and radical transformation in times of high uncertainty and constant change
  • Green transformation and workplace innovation needed for sustainable industry
  • Re-designing ways of working and workplace/office for the new needs of the hybrid work model
  • The self-leadership and leadership competences needed to meet the new demands of digitalized and distributed workplaces
  • Democratization of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality in the workplace
  • Digital ethics and human-machine collaboration in the future of work
  • Inclusion and universal design in the future workplace

The project is a joint initiative connecting researchers from different divisions of RISE with a wide range of competences within Sustainable Future Work research area. The two main goals of this collaboration initiative are:

  • Internally: to connect researchers within RISE and create new synergies and collaboration that will result in knowledge integration and development, and in new interdisciplinary research and development projects with the focus on transformation processes for sustainable future work
  • Externally: to explore different possible forms of collaboration with external partners from industry and public sector, both through shared activities for cross-sectorial learning and community building, and through customized programs adjusted to the needs of specific partners

Key activities:

  • Inspiration and knowledge sharing via meetings, workshops, conferences, events, social media, and other communication channels. Find more information about external events via AFoU network (Workplace-related research and development for sustainable working life)
  • Research projects: based on practitioner´s needs we together develop research applications with organisations from industry and private sector where interdisciplinary perspectives on Sustainable Future Work are considered
  • Competence development: we have developed several programs in the format of workshop series where our partners develop competences around specific areas (for example: self-leadership and leadership for the future, new ways of working and office design for the hybrid workplace, re-imagining future jobs and skill-sets, and aligning strategy for sustainable future work with SDGs)
  • Building an ecosystem: Connecting different networks related to SFW and building bridges between different actors in the system (academia, industry, public sector, social partners such as trade unions, authorities, and financing institutions) to strengthen collaboration and long-term societal benefits


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