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Sunny Farms in the North

The project Sunny Farms in the North will increase knowledge about the production and storage of solarPV in farms in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. Project owner LRF works in collaboration with Energikontor Norr and RISE. Together, during the project, we will hold activities related to knowledge enhancement, procurement, installation and follow-up of solar installations.

For two years starting in the fall of 2019, LRF together with the collaborating partners will lead the EU project Sunny Farms in the North. The aim of the project is to increase the farmers' knowledge of solarPV  in order to increase the proportion of solarPV and the degree of self-sufficiency in agriculture in northern Sweden. During the project, we will assist farms with orders from solar power plants through knowledge enhancement and joint procurement.

Following the project, the information and the procurement documents that have been prepared, as well as the experiences that the first clients will make, are expected to lead to further farms installing solarPV. Through the project's activities, the county's potential for solar will be better utilized and the conditions for a long-term sustainable energy supply will be ensured. In the spring of 2020 we will go on a seminar tour to three locations in Norrbotten and three in Västerbotten, where and when you find us you can read about in the info brochure which you will find in the links to the right.


Project name

Sunny Farms




Region Norrbotten, Region Västerbotten

RISE role in project

Project member

Project start


2 years


Lantbrukarnas riksförbund (LRF), Energikontor norr


Lantbrukarnas riksförbund, Region Norrbotten

Project members

External press

Anna Malou Petersson

Contact person

Anna Malou Petersson


+46 10 516 61 91

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