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Standardization Practice for Responsible Use of Computational Engineering models

Project SPRUCE investigated the role of standardization in the design of methodologies for quality assurance of computational models in engineering applications. The ultimate goal of quality control for numerical models is to assess their predictive capability and reliability as decision-making tools for product design and development.

The project aims at building upon the foundational work condensed in the Virtual Nation agenda launched in 2014 by Swerea (now part of RISE) and facilitating the realization of its objectives, which advocated a stronger role of numerical simulations as support tools for decision-making processes in industry. The integration of the goals of a larger user base and specific quality standards for computational models would improve the reliability of the design solutions based on numerical results, thus increasing the capacity of products to compete on international markets.
Besides performing an extensive review of the technical literature, the project will arrange surveys and workshops in order to actively seek interaction with industrial practitioners of simulations in order to build a representative picture of the concrete needs and opportunities related to quality standards for numerical models in industrial applications.
The outcomes of the state-of-the-art analys will be elaborated into a proposal for a strategic vision about quality standards for computational models. A series of concrete actions to achieve the goals set in the strategic vision will be outlined, highlighting those which should be prioritized in the nearest time horizon (0-3 years). Opportunities for novel collaborative initiatives focusing on future implementation projects will be also considered.


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1,5 years

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Validus Engineering, Volvo Cars, FS Dynamics



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Fabio Santandrea

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Fabio Santandrea


+46 10 516 50 24

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