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The EU project SMARTER-SI has tested a new production platform for micro systems that offers SMEs and "mid-cap" companies help to manufacture small and medium volumes. For three years the project has built up and tested the platform model. The project was coordinated by HAHN-SCHICKARD in Villingen-Schwenningen.

Concept and objectives

In order to provide access to manufacturing capabilities for SMEs, several European Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) joined efforts and formed SMARTER-SI. The ultimate goal of this project is to test a new concept for small lot production, which we call the Cooperative Foundry Concept. During previous research, all RTOs have built components / parts of systems, i.e. building blocks, which are available and characterised by their high Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

The idea is now to combine these building blocks in so-called Application Experiments (AEs), thereby creating innovative Smart Systems which serve SMEs’ needs.

Target group

Quite a number of users – especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) but also mid-caps – have already profited from SMARTER-SI. Eleven Application Experiments were successfully performed during the project.  

More information

If you are interested to contribute to and to benefit from the SMARTER-SI platform, please contact us or read more at SMARTER-SI project- and platform websites. 


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3 years


Hahn-Schickard , CiS, CSEM , IKERLAN , IPHT , RISE, TNI , Martin Christ , ConSens , ELS, IL Metronic , Ingenasa , microLIQUID, TechnoLab , VDI/VDE-IT

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