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Small scale solutions for future food chain values

This project looked in depth at the bottlenecks hindering three food value chains to fully develop in Sweden: Hops, wild berries, and land-based fish farming. Based on literature review and direct contact with different actors from the producers to the processers and end consumers, the project mapped both the bottlenecks and the potential solutions

Aim and goal

Mapping bottlenecks and solutions for new food value chains with high development potential in Sweden.


The food value chain system in Sweden is well established making it hard for small companies to develop new products and even harder to create new food supply systems Obstacles could lay at the beginning of the chain (food production or processing), at the end (marketing, consumer) or could even be related to the legislative regulation framing the food supply chain.


Smaller actors often lack resources and networks to develop their sector. However, their degree of creativity, innovativeness, and engagement is high, and their energy is needed in the development of new sustainable food value chains.


Contribute to the development of profitable and sustainable food value chains


Project name

Sweden future food chains



RISE role in project

Projekt leader

Project start


1 year

Total budget

1 000 000 SEK


Stiftelsen JTI

External press

Supports the UN sustainability goals

2. Zero hunger
12. Responsible consumption and production