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SIRen Sustainable Integrated Renovation

SIRen, Sustainable Integrated Renovation, an independent strong transdisciplinary research environment, with funding of 23 million from Formas 2014 - 2018, led by Lund University / RISE through Kristina Mjörnell. SIRen consists of researchers in engineering, architecture and social sciences and a number of companies and organisations.

Purpose and goal
The strong research environment SIRen focuses on complex issues linked to everything from the renovation of individual existing buildings to upgrading entire areas. The research aims to gather existing and build new knowledge to change renovation methods and processes to become more sustainable, thus strengthening Swedish competitiveness for renovation both in practice and in research and development both nationally and internationally.
The challenge is, for example, how the industry should handle societal challenges such as climate change, changed demographics, increased segregation while contributing to increased influence in the renovation process and how this should be accommodated within the financial framework that the real estate companies have. Within the research environment, we make the effort to integrate technical, environmental, economic, architectural and cultural aspects of renovation based on the social dimension.
Methods and processes are developed that take into account all aspects, which are based on participation and commitment from many actors and stakeholders.
The effect is that all sustainability aspects are taken into account when renovating existing buildings. The strong research environment for sustainable integrated renovation, SIRen, is based on interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers at universities, colleges and institutes, actors in the construction and real estate industry and relevant authorities


Project name




RISE role in project


Project start


5 years

Total budget

23 MSEK from Formas + ca 20 MSEK in kind

The UN sustainable development goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Kristina Mjörnell

Contact person

Kristina Mjörnell

Affärs- och innovationsområdeschef

+46 10 516 57 45

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