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Simulation and Verification of Wireless Technologies

Wireless connectivity in cars is no longer mainly about traditional infotainment features. It encapsulates full connectivity intelligence, over-the-air updates of software and maps, and a range of services such as phone as key, in-car delivery etc.

It is also used as input to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionality in the form of traffic warnings and is expected to play a larger role in both ADAS and Autonomous Drive (AD) with the introduction of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. Simulation and testing are a prerequisite for developing and ensuring performance and reliability of the wireless links that enables the use of a large range of connected applications.

Purpose is to secure performance and quality of the wireless base technologies at early project phases, report critical KPI’s of the wireless communication links and reduce the number of field tests.

System simulations

Improving the open source simulation framework, OnNET++, SUMO, Veins, and Plexe regarding channel models and communication protocol stacks. The outcome from this improved system simulator will be packet error rates and latencies.

Component verification

Developing a test setup for component testing with channel emulation. OEMs can use this test setup in early phases in vehicle projects and academia can use it in the research of new practical channel models. This includes a virtual drive test setup.

System verification (RISE focus)

Comparison and investigation of four different system verification methods on complete vehicle in lab, and a final prototype set-up of the most suitable method. The methods, which all includes channel emulation, are:

  • OTA multi-probe ring setup for cars
  • Wireless cable setup
  • Reverberation Chamber
  • Random Line-of-Sight setup


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RISE role in project

WP leader and participant

Project start


2018-04-01 till 2021-03-31

Total budget

28 Mkr


Volvo cars, Lund University, AB Volvo, RanLOS, RISE


Vinnova - FFI

The UN sustainable development goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure


Project members

Contact person

Kristian Karlsson


+46 10 516 56 58

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