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Secure Group Communication for IoT

The project aims to fill a gap in IoT security for applications based on efficient group communication, which today can not protect communications end-to-end. The project develops a prototype where authorized entities join a group and protect communications end-to-end. The project relies on IETF standardization proposals.

The project aims at filling a gap in IoT security, which concerns applications based on efficient group communication, such as lighting control and smart building. As of today, these applications cannot protect secure communications in the group end-to-end. The project goal is to develop and demonstrate a realistic prototype where authorized devices join a group and protect communications end to-end, without losing the benefits of group communication. The prototype will be based on the IETF standardization proposals "Group OSCORE" and "Key Management for OSCORE Groups in ACE".

The project will enable secure group communication end-to-end in the IoT, thus closing a major gap in IoT security and connectivity. In fact, there is now a total lack of alternative and competitive approaches. This especially addresses an industry need of several stakeholders in the IoT domain, including application developers, technology and service providers, and hardware manufacturers. Ultimately, the project will increase the trust of end users required for a mass adoption of IoT applications based on group communication, ensuring security without worsening usability.

The main activity of the project is the implementation and demonstration of the prototype for IoT secure group communication based on "Group OSCORE" and "Key Management for OSCORE Groups in ACE". A second activity ensures that the prototype supports the IETF standardization of those security solutions and their interoperability tests. A third activity takes the project results as input for integration into the software library Californium, and defines an exploitation plan that can benefit stakeholders developing group communication security solutions for IoT.


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Project Coordinator

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15 months

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1 856 650 SEK


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, Ericsson AB



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Marco Tiloca

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