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Salt reduction in foods for improved public health

We eat too much salt. This can result in high blood pressure and serious complications for the individual. Methods for producing foods with reduced salt levels without losing product quality or safety are developed in the project. The aim is to contribute to reduced salt consumption, improved public health and strengthening of the food industry.

Aim and goal

The aim of the project is to develop innovative methods for helping the food industry to reduce the salt levels in its products, thereby contributing to lower salt consumption in the Swedish population.  


The salt consumption in Sweden is twice the level recommended by the National Food Agency. This may result in high blood pressure and increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The high salt intake is one of the most important health challenges in relation to food. It affects the public health in a negative manner and it also leads to considerable economical costs for society. Approximately 75 % of our salt intake originates from food that is either produced by food companies or cooked in restaurants. There is a strong need in the food industry to be able to offer products with lower salt levels in order to meet the demands from both authorities and consumers.


Several methods with potential to be used for producing foods with reduced salt levels have been identified. These methods will be used for developing innovative solutions for salt reduction that will be applied on different foods. The foods will be evaluated regarding their quality, safety and shelf-life as well as their effects on economy and environment.


The increased range of salt-reduced products leads to lower salt consumption in the Swedish population. This, in turn, results in a reduced prevalence of high blood pressure, and ultimately in fewer people suffering from related diseases. It is estimated that the beneficial effects include 2000 fewer deaths each year and an annual reduction of the health costs by approximately 3 billion SEK.


Project name

Salt reduction in foods



RISE role in project

Projekt leader

Project start


May 2017-August 2019

Total budget




The UN sustainable development goals

3. Good health and well-being
12. Responsible consumption and production


Contact person

Tim Nielsen


+46 10 516 66 67

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