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ridethefuture is a rolling research project to test how self-driving buses can become part of the modern city's sustainable mobility solutions.

Do you also fantasize about new, agile ways to get from one place to another? Some ideas about future transport have been pure fiction, but some are actually about to be realized. And the dream of self-driving vehicles - it will soon be a reality in our societies. However there are still a lot of things to do, figure out, legislate, etc before this will be a normal part of our environment.

The small futuristic minibuses of “ridethefuture” not only take you from A to B, but also, in a way, into the future. It is a rolling research project to test how self-driving buses can become part of the modern city's sustainable mobility solutions.

The buses, which are a regional development project in collaboration between Akademiska Hus, Linköping Municipality, Linköping University, RISE, Science Park Mjärdevi, Transdev Sweden, VTI and Östgötatrafiken, will initially be operating a two kilometer stretch between Campus Valla and Vallastaden, Linköping campus.

In this specific project, RISE wants to contribute to new knowledge about how automated vehicles and their systems can be realized as part of our transport solutions for goods and people. We focus on systems and the communication aspect of future solutions, the possibility of using the vehicles as sensors and / or sensor platforms. Users (including travelers, operators and information users) must be the starting point for these types of solutions, so their needs, risks and opportunities need to be further explored. Ridethefuture and the consortium around this are also a way to strengthen collaboration within the region and important partners for RISE. ridethefuture as a platform is a clear opportunity for the parties and other stakeholders to utilize various forms of research and development projects.

ridethefuture is a open research platform available to more actors! If you have project ideas or a project that needs a platform to use - contact us!


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Region Östergötland

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Projektpart core team, Digital Infrastruktur

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11 Msek


Akademiska hus, Linköpings Kommun, Linköpings Universitet, Science Park Mjärdevi, Transdev, VTI, Statens väg- och transportforskningsinstitut, Östgötatrafiken


Region Östergötland

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Per Bröms

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Per Bröms

Senior Forskare

+46 10 228 43 08

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