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RiaSoR2. Reliability in a Sea of Risk

Marine energy devices operate in harsh environments but still need to perform reliably and produce an expected amount of energy, which gives rise to huge engineering challenges.

Aim and goal

The key objective of the RiaSoR 2 project is to offer a comprehensive suite of testing methodologies to wave and tidal developers that will enable a systematic approach to achieve optimal reliability and performance, while minimising cost and time-to-market. Increase reliability and provide a generic approach to condition-based monitoring that can be applied by tidal, wave and floating wind developers


Importance of real-data from offshore testing is crucial to decrease uncertainties to loads. Numerical tools need to be developed that can be used to “measure” when sensors cannot be cost-efficiently deployed. Irrespective of the type of marine energy device design, there is a range of established sensing technologies which can help increase reliability and reduce the number of common failures, but these need to be cost efficient. The importance of the monitoring system to maintain a safe and enhanced operation of the marine device will impact investment costs and design requirements and architectures (i.e. sensor technology selection, data processing and storage and communication).


Cover all stages from design to EoL by a structured approach including techno-economical aspects based on direct feedback from developers, provide guidelines and training for implementation. Close collaboration within industry, consultants and a ”new” supply chain supported by experts for dry and wet testing as well as for reliability from RISE.


The methodologies derived will allow the industry to use condition-based monitoring for:

  • Diagnosis of potential anomalies within the plant
  • Avoidance of unplanned production downtimes
  • Increased availability
  • Plant/system protection
  • Planning of repair
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Preventive & predictive maintenance (CBM)
  • Knowledge-driven product development

It supports UNs global sustainability goals for sustainable energy and provision of clean energy from the oceans.


Project name

RiaSoR2. Reliability in a Sea of Risk




Region Stockholm, Västra Götalandsregionen

RISE role in project

Project management, project execution

Project start


2,5 years

Total budget

650 000 EUR


Oceanharvesting, Corpower Ocean, Waves4Power, Alkit Communication, Synective Labs, EMEC, Ore Catapult, CruzAtcheson Consulting



The UN sustainable development goals

6. Clean water and sanitation
7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action

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