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Microcapsules in cellulose fibers

ReSist - Tailored innovation for lower emissions & reduced risk of resistance

Innovation project in cooperation to develop sustainable antimicrobial products for health-, wound care and marine aquaculture with minimal environemntal impact and risk of antimicrobial resistance. The technology is based on controlled and prolonged release of antimicrobial peptides as well as biocides for antifouling.

Aim and objectives

Develop sustainable antimicrobial products for wound care and marine antifouling with minimal environmental impact and low risks of development of antimicrobial resistance. The technology is based on controlled and prolonged release of active substances by incorporating them into microcapsules and into fiber materials. For the wound care products, the idea is based on using effective antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) that are biodegradable.

Expected impact

The intention is that our innovation will be effective in the applied products and contribute to lower emissions of toxic and resistance-inducing substances. The project will thus contribute to fewer infections by resistant bacteria and maintained efficacy of existing antibiotics. Effective wound care products will also lead to a reduced number of wound dressings and shorter treatment times, i.e. both reduced suffering and lower healthcare costs. The project is also expected to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish and Nordic industry.


The work is divided into four interacting technical/experimental work packages; 1) Encapsulation, 2) Controlled release, 3) Prototype development and 4) Prototype evaluation. Two additional work packages have a focus on system perspective; 5) Business model and infrastructure and 6) Regulations, which are of great importance for evaluating the added value of the innovation in relation to additional costs and for reviewing and communicating the content and development of relevant regulations.


Project name





Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

Koordinator, forskningsaktör

Project start


2 år

Total budget

11.69 MSEK


Amicoat, Amferia, Chalmers, EnCoat, Facilette, I-tech, Lactopep, Neoss, Oticon Medical, Steen-Hansen


Vinnova, Västra Götalandsregionen (VGR)

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being
14. Life below water
Markus Andersson Trojer

Contact person

Markus Andersson Trojer


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