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Research and Innovation Platform for Electric Roads

Electric Road Systems (ERS) are being demonstrated on public roads in Sweden, The project "Research and Innovation Platform for Electric Roads" has notably investigated the maturity of several technologies and applications, how to make the step to large scale operation, how will road administration and maintenance be affected, how will the business ecosystem work, and how can interfaces be standardized.

Aim and Goal

In order for a successful introduction of Electric Road Systems (ERS) there is a need to build a supporting and strong innovation system. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the Swedish and Nordic research and innovation resources by building a joint knowledge base around ERS. This is done in cooperation with institutes, universities, authorities, and industry. The project will have a close cooperation with the ERS demonstration sites that are being established in Sweden, and a reference group of about twenty parties will have an important advisor role.

Expected results

The result from the project is expected to identify and describe benefits and effects of ERS from several aspects, such as societal and financial preconditions, different actors' perspective, implementation strategies, operation and maintenance standards, proposals for regulatory rules, success criteria for high acceptance among people and society, as well as development of international cooperation.

The work of the project is divided into nine work packages:

  1. Power supply - coordinated by Chalmers
  2. Environmental impact – coordinated by VTI
  3. Construction, operation and maintenance – coordinated by VTI
  4. Economic effects for the society – coordinated by Viktoria
  5. Funding and strategies for implementation and utilization – coordinated by Viktoria
  6. Economic effects for businesses – coordinated by Viktoria
  7. Business models, access and payment system – coordinated by Viktoria
  8. Law, regulation and standardization – coordinated by VTI
  9. Knowledge spread – coordinated by Traffic Administration

Martin G. H. Gustavsson

Contact person

Martin G. H. Gustavsson

Senior Researcher

+46 10 228 44 21

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