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Real Time Ferries

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Real Time Ferries − sharing real time departure and arrival times for ferries in the Baltic Sea Region to facilitate passenger and goods transport.

Ferries play a significant role in the Business Sea Region in both goods and passenger transport. To make ferry transports a more competitive alternative interoperability between ferry and land transport is crucial. Up to date information at all times is vital to make the entire transport chain work efficiently and. Real time information also allow optimisation of the intermodal traffic flows.

The project makes real-time information about ferry delays, cancellations and travel time prognoses available to travel planning systems that cover different modes of transport. Real-time travel information is an immensely dynamic field – and ferry transportation is currently at risk of being left behind. The project sets up a collaborative data platform for real-time ferry information to be used for smoother transport of goods and people in the Baltic Sea Region. To achieve this, key actors from ship navigation, public transport, ports & logistics and also politics/policy makers combine their efforts


The Real Time Ferries Project is a project within the Interreg Baltic Sea Region funded by the European Union´s European Regional Development Fund and by the Project Partners.


Project name





Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

Research in the area of user experience, IT architecture, information sharing and domain knowledge

Project start


2017-10 -01 - - 2020-09-30

Total budget

~€5 Million (~€4 Millions from European Regional Development Fund)


A´TUIN” Ltd. (LV), Baltic Sea Forum e.V. (DE), Estonian Road Administration (EE), Estonian Small Harbours Development Center (EE), Helsinki Region Transport (FI), International Transport Development Association (LV), Klaipeda Shipping Research Center (LT), Motus Foundation (in cooperation with BPO) (PL, Port of Trelleborg SE, Public Transport Authority Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) (DE), RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (SE), Saarte Liinid AS (EE), Schenker Deutschland AG (DE), Skånetrafiken (SE), Stena Line AB (SE), Swedish Maritime Administration (SE), Tallinn University of Technology (EE), University of Rostock (DE) (Lead Partner), West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin (PL), Viking Line Abp (FI)


European Regional Development Fund, Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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Project members

Johan Östling

Contact person

Johan Östling

Senior Project Manager

+46 10 228 40 50

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