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Radically enhanced productivity by innovatively designed and additively manufactured cooling channels. Additive manufacturing enables optimized distribution of cooling channels for an even or locally increased cooling in injection molding or pressing tools. It is also possible to increase the heat transfer between tools and coolant with the help of complex surface structures.

The project aim was to improve cooling in injection molding or pressing tools by investigating how the wall structure of cooling channels affect the cooling performance. This results in tools with more efficient cooling that widens the bottleneck in many production processes through reduced cycle times. 

The fact that cooling channels developed with additive manufacturing radically improve the cooling capacity compared to classically designed channels has been verified by practical experiments.

Complex surface structures compared to smooth surface structures in cooling channels increased the heat transfer rate with approximately 37%, which can be attributed to the increased effective area.

The project results have been communicated to 33 stakeholders in the Swedish AM Arena's newsletter, issue # 1 2020.

Distribution of results in SWERIM's newsletter


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SEK 500 000



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9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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