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the Production Mirror

Production Mirror - digital interaction in an industrial environment

By making information about the production as a whole accessible to workers, the project aims to increase motivation and efficiency. The project will also explore and rethink traditional interfaces to help production workers to easily interact and access digital content.

The project will explore how an interactive overview, a "digital mirror" of production, can be designed and made available in a production environment to support production staff, increase work motivation and increase efficiency.

Protective equipment, dust and high noise levels are common phenomena in the production environment and can prevent easy and user-friendly interaction with classic digital interfaces. The project aims to explore and rethink ideas for interfaces using techniques such as informative sounds, sensors, leading color or interactive surfaces to help production professionals easily interact and capture digital content. Such a service can also increase the understanding of production staff for their role in the production system.


Project name

Production Mirror



RISE role in project


Project start


8 months

Total budget

350 000 SEK


Lundqvist Trävaru


Vinnova Produktion 2030

Project members

Kristin Hammarberg

Contact person

Kristin Hammarberg

+46 10 228 46 65

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