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Process simulation of compression moulding – implementation and integration

Development of a more reliable virtual design & manufacturing system for composites that enables vehicle components to be manufactured cost-effectively with 20 percent less material used and 30 percent shorter lead times that can put the Swedish automotive industry in a better position to achieve emission targets.

Expected effects and results

The project's expected effects and results will be a set of integrated systems for design, crash- and process simulation. This will be used for material optimisation including potential reuse of recycled carbon fibers. The project will also result in a demonstrator that can be tested in a vehicle to verify the simulation results.

Project plan and implementation

The project is funded by FFI via Vinnova and led by RISE. It is divided into six Work Packages (WPs) with WP leaders.

  • The advanced simulations in WP1 (SMC) & WP2 (prepreg) takes the results from the work done by Gestamp, LTU, VCC and KTH in the previous project PROSICOMP I to the next step for SMC moulding and pressing of prepreg.
  • The results from WP1 & WP2 are integrated into WP3, where DYNAmore and RISE will provide commercial process simulation solutions.
  • In WP4, the simulations will be used to minimise the material in terms of either weight, cost or a reuse factor.
  • A demonstrator is developed in In WP5 based on WP3 & 4.
  • WP6 makes sure that the progress and results are exploited.

Projekt dissemination


Project name





Region Norrbotten

RISE role in project

Project coordinator, WP-leader and researcher

Project start



Total budget

15 420 000 SEK


Luleå University of Technology, LTU, Toray Industries Europe , DYNAmore Nordic, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Gestamp Hardtech, Volvo Car Corporation


The Strategic vehicle research and innovation programme (FFI)

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production

Contact person

Kenneth Strand


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