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New platforms for commmunication between mobile and printed smart labels

Printed Electronics Meet Mobile

In the project ”New platforms for communication between mobile and printed smart labels” RISE role was coordination and development of printed components and systems for IoT-solutions that use smartphones as a user interface.

Many challenges in the Information Society 3.0 require completely new communication solutions that can gather and process information from our surrounding. Ericsson has shown transmission of information to and from mobile phones with the body as a communication channel. This enable us to communicate with things by just touching them. Another development is the QR code which is a simple way to quickly connect to the Internet. The project idea aims to further develop these communication solutions by combining them with printed smart tags and sensors to make a technology contribution to the Internet of Things. The developed technology will allow for example:

  • Smart labeling of food, building materials or drugs where reading of history, quality, effects of environment, etc is made with the mobile phone or the hand. This solution can provide improved quality, reduced wastage and a more sustainable society
  • Massive collection of environmental data with the help of the public and intelligent one-use sensors that are read by mobile phones. Contributes to a better environment.

The project aims at augmenting the functionality of smartphones using printed smart labels that can gather information from our surroundings. RISE role in the project is to contribute with design work and making prototypes of Sightlence available as a development platform for haptic user interfaces for applications of printed electronics. The project team includes university researchers, research institutes and companies in the ICT business, together with end users in in a broad range of business areas.

This project has the Swedish title "Nya plattformar för kommunikation mellan mobiltelefon och tryckta smarta etiketter". Project manager was Dr. Göran Gustafsson. 


Project name

Printed Electronics Meet Mobile



RISE role in project

Coordination and development of components and system

Project start


2 years



Peter Dyreklev

Contact person

Peter Dyreklev


+46 10 228 42 09

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