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Prerequisites and uncertainties in life cycle optimization of buildings

LCA and LCC requires much time and resources. However, it is still important that the simplifications made don’t lead to misleading results when used in decision making. The project will develop a procedure to get higher reliability of the results from LCA and LCC, regardless if an advanced or more simplified method is used.

Aim and goal

Investigate how to create reliable decision support to choose design alternatives with low global warming potential to reasonable cost from a life cycle perspective, even when there are lack of data.


To collect and manage the large amount of data needed to perform LCA and LCC of buildings demands a lot of time and resources, and often relevant data is missing, which makes it difficult to use these methods in building projects.  The problem becomes even larger by the issue that in the early stages of building design it is often not decided which products and materials that will be used during the production. Instead the calculations are made on assumed data. It is important that the simplifications made will not lead to misleading results regarding the designs environmental impact and costs and thereby wrong decisions.


A procedure will be developed within the project to manage the uncertainties so that the precision of the results is increased, regardless if advanced or simplified methods are used.


The project will lead to more accurate results regarding the global warming potential and costs to get reliable decision support for building design alternatives. This will lower emissions and costs in the building sector.


Project name

Uncertainties in LCA & LCC of buildings



RISE role in project

Projekt Leader

Project start


3 years


FoU Väst, Skanska, NCC, Peab, Eksta Bostads AB, Lunds universitet


SBUF, Swedish Energy Agency