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PIMM DMA - foto från Boliden

Pilot for Industrial Mobile communication in Mining, Digitalized Mining Arena

PIMM DMA was a project in technical front-end where big Swedish companies collaborated to make the mine environment more productive and safe by creating a connected eco system and test how processes in the mine can be automated and digitalized. The project created conditions for innovation and new services.

Watch the PIMM DMA movie here!

Industries are going through a digitalization transformation and companies need to adapt their business to new technologies, new ways of working and new ways of collaborating to keep their competitiveness.

The main focus of PIMM DMA was on collaboration, digitalization, agile ways of working, industrial 5G and eco systems. The goal was to evaluate new mobile communication infrastructure in an industrial context where technology, applications and business models can be validated and new services can be developed. Long-term effects of PIMM DMA are expected to be a strengthened Swedish competitiveness. The tests were carried out in Boliden’s mines and insights and results can inspire and be used in other industries going through a digitalization transformation. Several big Swedish companies were working in the project to create an eco system where mining operators, maintenance, equipment and machines from different companies are connected and can share data with each other to increase safety and productivity.

PIMM DMA enables innovation in the areas of service operations, products and services enabled by cellular communication and industrial automation. 

  • Innovation in service operations for industrial mobile networks
  • Innovation in cellular communication technology
  • Innovation in industrial products and services enabled by cellular communication
  • Innovation in industrial automation focusing mining applications
  • Innovation in systems-of-systems

PIMM DMA was the continuation of the PIMM project.

The projects final seminar was broadcasted live on Vinnovas website. Watch it here!


Project name




RISE role in project

Project Manager

Project start


2 år

Total budget

18 238 805 SEK


RISE, ABB, Epiroc Rock Drills, Boliden Mineral, Ericsson, Telia Sverige, Volvo Construction Equipment, Wolfit, InfoVista


Vinnova, PiiA


Project members

External press

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Eilert Johansson

Contact person

Eilert Johansson

Chef inom strategisk forskning och affärsutveckling

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