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PhotonHub Europe - a European resource network in photonics

You'll find photonics almost everywhere, from cameras and traffic lights to within advanced medical equipment and telecom systems. This project is a pan-European collaboration where expertise and resources in photonics are made available to European industry.

Photonics is one of Europe's identified key enabling technologies, an area that is indispensable for the development of innovations and solutions for a future sustainable society.

The PhotonHub Europe project brings together 53 of Europe's leading research institutes and industrial laboratories with a common purpose - to support european industry with relevant photonics skills and relevant photonics resources where needed, such as education, skills development, innovation support, prototype production and industrialization. 500 experts ready to engage with industry that can benefit from photonics.  

RISE has several strong groups in photonics, including fiber optics and metrology. We participate as an expert organization within the project. Together with the Swedish industry organization PhotonicSweden, RISE is the Swedish node of the project. We are also reaching out to Norway and Denmark.

The project begins at the turn of the year 2020/21.It is funded within EUs program for Digital Innovation Hubs. 



Project name

PhotonHub Europe



RISE role in project

Expertise and resources in photonics

Project start


5 years

Total budget

19 M Euro


PhotonicSweden, In total 53 partners, see the project web for the entire list of partners


EU Horizon 2020 (H2020)

Project website


Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Åsa Claesson

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Åsa Claesson

Senior forskare

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Teresita Qvarnström

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Teresita Qvarnström


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