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Optimizing production process for bipolar plates

State of the art for new process steps and technologies that can optimize the manufacturing of bipolar plates for fuel cells in order to facilitate new lightweight electrical vehicles. The goal is also a larger follow-up project that will develop and verify these new process steps.

Due to the development of electrified vehicles, fuel cells are a very important alternative to battery technologies, especially in applications that require lighter energy system solutions, such as heavy trucks where lower energy density, even with modern batteries, leads to very high weight and thus reduced payload. Drones are also affected, they get significantly longer flight time when using fuel cells.

In order to increase the competitiveness of these solutions, a cost-efficient production of fuel cells is needed.

The purpose of the project is to identify optimization possibilities within process steps and technologies in the manufacturing of bipolar plates at Cell Impact, which today has a unique high-speed process for forming thin metallic sheets (0.1 mm, stainless steel) for tenths of a second.

The project will develop and propose new process steps that will eliminate bottlenecks in the process flow and at the same time guarantee the desired quality. The goal is to deliver a mapping of suitable manufacturing processes and develop concepts for an efficient process flow that provides a throughput of 120 plates per minute with a guaranteed quality level.

The description of the optimized process line should give the company a target image for the optimized process flow and the machinery. The project report will form the basis for a larger follow-up application that develops and verifies certain new process steps and utilizes them within a larger project consortium with actors in the Swedish fuel cell industry.


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Optimized production of bipolar plates




Västra Götaland Region

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6 Månader


Cell Impact


LIGHTer, Vinnova


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