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RISE phase-OTDR system

Optical fiber sensors for machine monitoring

For the development of robust, rotating systems - the optical fiber sensors are very useful. Due to their immunity to electromagnetic interference, robustness in rough environments and their ability for rapid and relevant measurements, as well as the factor that the fibre can be embedded in other materials.

The project focuses on developing an improved high sampling frequency fiber Bragg grating (FBG) system and a distributed optical fiber vibration sensor prototype to evaluate SKF bearings. SKFs costumers want reduced friction and machines that run faster, longer, cleaner and more safely. In this scenario, optical fiber sensors are a feasible option, due to their immunity to electromagnetic interference, robustness to harsh environments, broad bandwidth and embedding capabilities.

Thus, employing an optical fiber sensing solution to monitor bearings conditions enables to detect failures in rotating machines at early stage, increasing it is life spam and optimizing their maintenance process.

In this joint venture, Proximion, expert on design and manufacturing of advanced Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs), has the goal to develop a new fast interrogator to monitor bearing conditions. The task of RISE optical fiber sensors group is to develop a portable vibration sensor capable to measure SKF bearing vibrations in real time and distributed, using a single fiber, and prospect combining this technology with Proximion’s FBG.

Moreover, together with Proximion expertise, RISE has been also working on research and development of specialty fibers to better optimize this sensing solution. The first version of the system was already evaluated in a field test in SKF facilities in June 2018 and now an enhanced version is under development.


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