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Nutritious, affordable and safe foods for developing countries

Development of packaged consumer foods with improved nutritional status and at an affordable cost, aimed for low income consumers in developing geographical areas.


Micronutrient malnutrition causes a range of health impairments such as stunting, increased risk of infections and metabolic disorders. This is especially affecting middle to lower income consumers in developing countries, where affordable foods are not always nutritious and nutritious food are not always affordable.

Overall aim

BMGF's goal is to create commercially sustainable ways to unleash the transformative value of positive nutrition for middle to lower income consumers, delivering sustainable impact at scale through new business models and innovation across the value chain, bringing nutritious, affordable, and accessible products to consumers underserved by markets, in partnership with the private sector.

RISE role

RISE responsibility is to assist food companies in developing areas by knowledge transfer in production and product development, unlocking technical barriers and testing new concepts.

Examples of projects

Proof of Concept Bouillon: Bouillon cubes are a readily consumed staple food in several West- and Central Africa, where malnutrition is a widespread problem causing both physical and mental impairments for the affected individuals. Stock cubes were identified as a suitable vehicle for fortification in order to reach out to low- and middle-income consumers in those areas. RISE tested the stability and sensory profile of a bouillon cube with 6 micronutrients.  RISE also became an integral partner within a consortium of bouillon manufacturers, universities, NGOs and government stakeholders who have come together to assess the effectiveness and viability of bringing a bouillon cube fortified with 6 micronutrients (3 minerals and 3 vitamins) to market in West and Central Africa.  This resulted in a subsequent project, also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Development of powdered drink prototype: Development of a powdered drink product to reach an increased Health Star Rating through improved formulation, adding alternative protein sources, and  fortification with 4 minerals and 11 vitamins. The work also had a strong focus on the sensory evaluation of the original product, of the prototypes developed at RISE, and of competitor products, in order to ensure consumer acceptance for the final improved product.


Project name

Food product development



RISE role in project

Product Development Experts

Project start


4 years

Total budget

1’497’609 USD


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Project members