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Nordic Network for Electric Aviation

The main goal of the project is to reduce CO2 emissions for regional flights in the Nordic countries. The project will investigate and gather knowledge from different sectors to collaborate on Infrastructure, Industry, new business models and together find solutions for Nordic conditions.

The NEA network organizes workshops and other events to build knowledge and relationships in the Nordic countries. There are four focus areas with clear objectives for driving the growth of electric aircraft.

1. Nordic standard for the aviation infrastructure

A lot is being done at national level to be able to establish electric aircraft. The goal of NEA is to coordinate this work to investigate what exists and to clarify what needs to be done to create a common standard.

2. Business models for connecting regions

The Nordic countries have significant airport infrastructure that can connect regions, but the current traffic flow is centralized to the Nordic capitals. With electrification, the costs of purchasing, operating and maintaining aircraft are expected to decrease significantly, which opens up new business models for regional point-to-point connectivity between more regions in the Nordic countries.

3. Developing technology for the Nordic climate

There are hundreds of electric airplane projects around the world, but the challenges that Nordic weather conditions often lack are often lacking. For example, the battery's thermal management in cold climates. Another challenge is the short runways at regional airports. Short runways generally require high-wing propeller planes and are sensitive to ice formation.

4. Establish European and global cooperation

Nordic governments and airlines are at the forefront in the transition to sustainable air travel. Europe and the rest of the world are turning to the Nordic countries to show the way.

- All the parts have the potential to have great effect. We talk about quality of life, sustainability and accessibility, as well as a great potential for Nordic business to catch up with their innovations. When we bring together the best in the Nordic region regarding mobility, we can really make an impression and all players can strengthen their positions globally, ”says Nina Egeli, Senior Innovation Advisor from Nordic Innovation, who finances the initiative.


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