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New products from zero-value waste textiles via design driven technologies

Trash-2-Cash is an EU funded research project aiming to create new regenerated textile fibres from pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste. It’s also pioneering a whole new way of developing materials through design-driven material innovation.

Aim and goal

The objectives of Trash-2-Cash are to:
• Integrate design, business and technology to a coherent discipline to establish new creative industries
• Develop new material and product opportunities via creative design from waste or process by-product
• Reduce the utilization of virgin materials; improve material efficiency; decrease landfill volumes and energy consumption
• Use design for recycling with the vision of closing the material loop
• Create new business opportunities by adding the return loop of the discarded goods to be reused into attractive products
• Promote development of the creative sector by providing technological solutions for exploitation of waste streams


Within Trash-2-Cash, growing problems with paper fibre waste from the paper industry and textile fibre waste, originating from a continuously increasing textile consumption, will be solved through design-driven innovation. This will be performed by using the wastes to regenerate fibres that will be included into fashion, interior and other products. The cotton production suffers from non-sustainable environmental and socio-economical issues and the polyester fibre manufacture produces waste that to date has no viable deposition. Designers will lead the recycling initiative, defining the material properties, and will feed the material scientists to evaluate newly developed eco-efficient cotton fibre regeneration and polyester recycling techniques. The future exploitation will be ascertained through a two-sided exchange between the designers and the end-product manufacturers, also taking into account the consumer-related product needs, and prototypes will be produced in a realistic test production environment.


Trash-2-Cash proposes a new model where paper and textile waste is recycled chemically - resulting in fabrics that are the same quality as new materials, to make products that are industrially replicable and infinitely recyclable.


Europe's creative industry will be strengthened through Trash-2-Cash taking the lead worldwide in the design for recycled materials area. Moreover, Trash-2-Cash will support a better waste utilization and contribute to reduction of landfill area needs.


Project name




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Project start


3.5 years

Total budget

8.9 EUR


VTT, Finland, Aalto University, Finland, Fundacion CIDETEC, Spain, The University of the Arts London, Great Britain, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Grado Zero innovation, Italy, Material ConneXion Italia, Italy, Tekstina, Slovenia, VanBerlo, The Netherlands, Maier S. Coop, Spain, Celanese SO.F.TER., Italy, Söktas Dokuma, Turkey, Reima, Finland, SOEX, Germany, SCA Obbola AB, Sweden, TEKO, Sweden


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Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
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