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New measurement methods for dynamic events in pressure and temperature

The urgent industrial need for reliable measurements of rapid (dynamic) events is met by this project developing traceable dynamic measuring methods and introducing calibration services for dynamic pressures and temperatures to the market.

The project DynPT aims to improve accuracy and reliability of measurements of dynamic pressures and temperatures.

Today a great need exists to measure rapid changes in pressure and temperature. Applications comprise control of internal combustion engines and testing of explosive goods and products. Dynamic measurement equipment has been available on the market for a long time but there are still no established methods for traceable measurements. Hence, little can be said about the accuracy of dynamic measurement results.

DynPT starts from several methods for the realization of dynamic pressures and temperatures to build traceability chains and to make comparisons between these methods and different laboratories. The results will to lead to the ability to calibrate dynamic measurement equipment and thus gain knowledge of the accuracy of dynamic measurements.

The benefit from the project will be seen within all technological areas where measurements of dynamic pressure and temperature are performed. It may manifest itself in more effective and environmentally friendly internal combustion engines, safer tools and improved medical equipment.


Project name




RISE role in project


Project start



Total budget

1 596 195 EUR (EMPIR) + national contributions (Vinnova


RISE, VTT, VSL, PTB, ENSAM, UME, NPL, KTH, DTU, Minerva, Wärtsilä, (RISE and several European NMIs, universities and companies)


EMPIR, Vinnova

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Project members

Gustav Jönsson

Contact person

Gustav Jönsson


+46 10 516 51 53

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