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Move to 4.0 - Your road to Smart Industry/Industry4.0

Many companies today face the challenge of how to move towards Industry 4.0. With Move to 4.0, several leading research institutions around Europe have formed a consortium to provide support and expertise within Smart Industry. Move to 4.0 is currently looking for companies who want to identify their challenges and opportunities.

As a participant in Move to 4.0, your company will gain greater insight into how you can change your business by evaluating how Smart Industry / Industry 4.0 can contribute to your organization.

Through two online workshops you will get examples of how other companies have increased their use of digital methods and data. You will also analyze your own challenges and development opportunities in the area, and receive ideas on how to create new offers and business models. With these identified you can take concrete steps towards Smart industry.

Move 4.0 will also invite you to apply for an in-depth study: We will provide fifty selected companies in Europe (of which 10 in Sweden) further support where we together develop your specific roadmap with activities to exploit the opportunities to develop for your company. In the process you will have access to methodology developed by leading European organizations in the smart industry work area.

We are looking for two types of companies:

1. Companies looking to transform their industrial processes through innovative technologies

2. Companies looking to diversify their offering, identifying new business opportunities

If your company belongs to one of these categories, register for your company’s slot in Move to 4.0!


Project name

Move to 4.0



RISE role in project


Project start


12 months

Total budget

800 kEuro


German Research Center for Artificial Intelligenc, Aerospace Valley, Politecnico Milano, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation – Patras


EIT Manufacturing

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Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
17. Partnerships for the goals
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Boel Wadman

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