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Miniaturized self-powered sensor system using energy harvesting

The main challenge for all smart sensor devices is self-powering. We will develop self-powered miniaturized wireless sensor systems by combining energy harvesting, sensors, wireless communication, and harvesting kinetic energy from environment. These systems will be demonstrated for gas turbine, passenger safety and machine condition.

The goal of the Energy Supply Toolkit project is to develop energy supply solutions by harvesting energy from the environment, which is the most promising technology for smart self-powered sensors for digitalization of modern industry.

The main challenges of an energy harvesting-based sensor system are the lack of design methodologies and the energy harvesting technologies.

By developing modular demonstrators to show how self-powered wireless sensor system can be used in different applications, we expect to define a systematic and simplified design approach, which will be summarized into a toolkit.

The energy harvesting technologies will enable sustainable monitoring in inaccessible environments, improved safety when using autonomous sensors in vehicles, reduced need for supervision of machine and increased productivity through preventive maintenance.


Project name

Energy Supply Toolkit




Digital infrastructure, Digitalisation, Energy, Internet of Things, Sensors and sensor systems

RISE role in project

Coordinator; Simulation, design and characterization of electromagnetic and displacement-driven harvester.

Project start


2 years

Total budget

19 815 000 sek


AixACCT Mechatronics GmbH, Autoliv Development AB, Bosch Rexroth AB, Chalmers Technical University, GKN Aerospace Sweden AB, Linköpings University, Mid Sweden University, Revibe Energy AB, Spinverse AB



The UN sustainable development goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production


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Cristina Rusu

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Cristina Rusu

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