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Management and recycling of composites containing carbon nanotubes

The focus is the final disposal and recycling of plastic composite materials containing carbon nanotubes. Pyrolysis will be investigated as potential recycling method; combustion experiments are made to ensure that these do not produce harmful particles.
The results are expected to affect how these materials are disposed of/recycled in the future.

Aim and goal

The focus of the project is to investigate possible methods for the final disposal and recycling of plastic composite materials containing carbon nanotubes.


Nanotechnology enables new solutions to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges in several fields - from medicine to materials science - and have great potential to contribute to a sustainable society. The increasing use of nanomaterials places new demands on recycling and disposal of end-products. Carbon nanotubes have similarities to asbestos, which leads to concerns about risks associated with handling. At the same time, there are also clear differences in, for example, combustion properties, which means that with the right knowledge we have a good opportunity to handle the material safely.


One part of the project will study pyrolysis as a method of recycling, to investigate the potential of this treatment option: how are the nanotubes affected by the treatment, what disposal opportunities there are for recycled material and potential risks in handling. Through combustion experiments the project will investigate whether this can be a source of hazardous particles, and if so, how this risk can be minimized. Based on experience and results from the project, as well as an analysis of all stages of final disposal, a risk assessment will be made.


The knowledge generated is expected to have a strong bearing on how we deal with and recycle these materials in the future. Project results contribute to knowledge about opportunities for increased recycling and opportunities to reduce climate impact to create a safe environment for people and the Environment.


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CNT in end-of-life products



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action