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Light Innovative Materials for Enhanced Solar Efficiency

The properties of cover and encapsulation materials for solar modules have a great impact on optimal light capture and service lifetime. Today, glass accounts for up to 90 percent of weight as well as up to 40 percent of the cost. The project delivered a glass recipe for improved performance and service lifetime, at lower production costs.

Solar cells, energy, glass
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Solar cells, energy, glass

The purpose was to develop a thin glass that optimizes the general function of cover glass for solar modules. To optimize the solar light capture and to ensure that the glass is an effective protection from the Environment.

The challenge was to optimize the glass properties while having good melting properties and low raw material costs. Another challenge was to develop an effective strengthening method for a millimeter thin glass.

The glass properties were initially optimized in parallel before merging into a LIMES glass recipe. A strengthening method in laboratory scale was developed and it was demonstrated to be effective by stress measurements and surface mechanical indentations tests.

A glass recipe, optically active components and an innovative strengthening method that enhances the performance, service lifetime and costs were developed in the project. This gives good opportunities for upscaling and test the results in pilot scale. The knowledge from this project can be used for developing different kind of more sustainable glass products both from a societal environmental and mechanical perspective.


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Project start


3 years

Total budget

1.9 million euro


Johnson Matthey, Solar Capture Technologies, CSIC - Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnology, Sheffield Hallam University


Swedish Energy Agency, Innovate UK (former Technology Strategy Board), Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business, Solar-ERA.NET


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7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
13. Climate action
17. Partnerships for the goals
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