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Self compacting high performance concrete

Lasting Concretes for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operating Conditions

LORCENIS deals with improving concrete for energy infrastructures which are exposed to extreme environments. This includes general new strategies for quality improvement of concrete, the development and incorporation of multifunctional admixtures, multi-scale modeling and end-of-life prediction as well as safety and sustainability (LCA, LCC).

Concrete specimen with new admixtures in sea water

Aim and goal

The main goal of LORCENIS is to improve the service life of energy infrastructures exposed to extreme environments, such as arctic climate, high temperatures, chemically aggressive liquids, soft water, etc. This is motivated by the future need for safe and sustainable energy, produced in sometimes extremely aggressive environments.


The main material, concrete, is being further developed towards improved durability and functionality. The major challenge is to keep the new concrete within existing costs, safety standards and robustness ranges.


Concrete as a main construction material is customized for four main extreme exposure scenarios. The main approach to increase the durability and functionality of the concrete materials is to adjust the concrete quality to each scenario and to develop and incorporate functional chemical admixtures into the concrete mix. The added functionalities are oriented towards self-healing, self-curing and self-sensing. The applications for the new types of concretes are for foundations of wind turbines, dams, gravity based oil drilling structures in arctic environment, cooling towers, solar power plants and LNG tanks.


The main effect is the increase in durability of concrete and extension of service life of energy structures. This entails better sustainability, lower overall costs and higher security for future energy supplies and infrastructures. This entails lesser costs for energy producers and communities and reduces the environmental footprint by providing long lasting infrastructures.


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4 years

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7,6 MEuro


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