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KOMPIS - Combined mobility as a service in Sweden

KOMPIS is initiated by the Government's Collaboration Group (SVP) for Next Generation Travel and Transport, and is a project under Drive Sweden, funded by Vinnova. KOMPIS aims to promote the emergence of combined mobility in Sweden (MaaS). The project coordinates the roadmap for KM / MaaS developed on behalf of SVP.

The purpose of KOMPIS is to support the emergence of combined mobility in Sweden, also sometimes called Mobility as a service - MaaS, by creating favourable conditions and reducing barriers to the development and implementation of combined mobility services that contribute to the Swedish transport policy goals. The project will coordinate, stimulate and monitor the implementation of the combined mobility as a service roadmap, during an initial period (2017-2020) without claiming to own, or conduct any in-depth activities.


This is what KOMPIS does:

  • Coordinates, develops and manages the roadmap for combined mobility as a service
  • Identifies and conducts pilots in the policy and regulatory area
  • Support for pilots and upscaling of mobility services
  • Support for public transport for digitizing their ticket offerings
  • Collaboration for all the actors within the MaaS ecosystem
  • Tools for evaluating effects and consequences for sustainability
  • Support, information and dissemination of knowledge about MaaS and combined mobility

Regulatory framework and policy in relation to MaaS - a mapping (in Swedish)


Project name




RISE role in project


Project start


until 2020

Total budget

27 million SEK


KTH (deputy project leader, Focus area projects and pilots), Chalmers (Focus area effects and evaluation)


Vinnova finances the project through Drive Sweden, Kompis is a project under Drive Sweden

Project website

Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities
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