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iRIS Intelligent Risk Identification System

Making the mines of tomorrow safer with digitalized vehicle fire experience management

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The latest statistics from Swedish hard rock mines show that the single most common reason behind fire incidents in mines are vehicles related. Vehicle fires currently represent around 50 % of all mine fires. One important measure to prevent vehicle fires is an effective system of regular fire safety inspections. SveMin already today requires all vehicles used in Swedish mines to undergo an annual fire inspection. The majority of these inspections are however performed on a paper-and-pen basis, which makes it difficult and very time consuming to compile statistics and lowers the possibility to identify reoccurring faults and hazards.

The solution developed within the scope of the iRIS-project is a digital system which consists of two parts – an inspection tool and a knowledge-based research database, allowing experiences from earlier inspections, research project results, occurred incidents and fires and fire safety information from manufacturers to be used as input back to the inspection tool. The project aims to reduce the number of vehicle fires with 20 % and minimize standstill due to vehicle fires, by analysing results from earlier inspections, incidents and fires and automatically integrating the knowledge into future inspections.


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3 years

Total budget

720,000 EUR


Boliden, LKAB, Björkdalsgruvan (Mandalay Resources), Zinkgruvan (Lundin Mining), DMT Gmbh & Co. KG, Luleå University of Technology, Agio System & Kompetens, Aptum


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