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Innovation platforms for sustainable, attractive cities

How can cities deal with large social challenges such as climate change, housing shortages, social polarisation, youth unemployment and the quality of life among the elderly? In Kiruna, Stockholm, Borås, Gothenburg, Lund and Malmö, innovation platforms for sustainable urban development are a way of finding new solutions to large and complex issues.

Through these innovation platforms, the cities have identified obstacles and prioritised what they want to work with to facilitate system change, reform and innovation. Their work challenges both the prevailing structures for leadership and organisation as well as the ingrained working methods and financial systems.

Since 2016, RISE has served as processleader and coordinates collaboration and learning among the six innovation platforms and have contributed to the compilation and communication of practical experiences, lessons learned and research results. RISE is also directly involved in several of the platforms, including project and process management and follow-up research. The common thread in the work of the innovation platforms is how new approaches can best be supported by modern system management and organization of innovation. One insight gained from the work is that cross-boundary and explorative approaches are often the only way to solve truly complex challenges.

From spring 2020, collaboration and learning among the six innovation platforms continues in the project "Collaboration between Swedish innovation platforms for sustainable and attractive cities - Phase 3", led by RISE.


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