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In this three year project we are building an experimental platform for and skills related to Edge Computing; distributing computing close to datasources and endpoints. We build and share Edge-technology know-how and establish Edge-capacity at key innovation arenas such as 5G-testbeds, where we engage with industry in development projects.


Access to distributed compute power is on the rise as an enabler for accelerated digital innovation.  Requirements for data soverenity, low latency and increased use of AI are driving the need for Edge Computing. This is a manifestation of the concept of data gravity, that applications and data gravitate towards each other. Edge computing is also closely related to 5G and the potential for a new class of services made possible by that architecture.

Purpose and goals

We aim to support the Swedish ICT sector with state of the art know-how and experimental infrastructure for Edge Computing. To strengthen the capacity for innovation and contribute to accelerated adoption of AI and 5G in Sweden we want to make Edge Computing available at key innovation arenas, such as Sweidsh 5G testbeds. .

Our goal is to support at least five demonstration or application development projects. We are also aiming at extending our reach through participation in at least one Hoizon Europe project related to Edge Computing. .


We are building an Edge Computing platform extending the ICE datacenter services, enabling experimentation and application development with access to datacenter-type services available within a few miliseconds roundtrip delay, such as for example edge AI and rendering of very high quality AR/VR.

Our offering includes hardware and software with an application development environment and the know-how to get started. We are deploying Edge Computing capacity at testbeds where we develop test and demontration applications in projects together with partners.

A key activity in the project is to engage with the Swedish ICT sector to build an Edge Computing industry ecosystem. to do this, we host a series of open semintars and events.


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