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Human Centered Remote Control

Introducing remote control solutions in the process industry can bring advantages in terms of increased safety and a more comfortable work environment. But poorly implemented systems can easily diminish work performance and introduce new types of ergonomic problems for the operators.

The project Human Centered Remote Control (HCRC) explored how user human-machine interfaces should be designed to improve work efficiency and operator ergonomics and reduce machine wear during remote control in the process industry. A primary goal of the project was to develop a prototype interface for a remote-controlled “rock breaker” for a mining control room. The solution was implemented and evaluated through long-term tests by operators at Boliden´s mine in Garpenberg.

The project was led by RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute) and is conducted within the strategic innovation program PiiA, a joint investment by VINNOVA, Formas, and the Swedish energy agency. The project partners were: Boliden, Construction Tools PC (Atlas Copco), Mine Tec, ORYX Simulations, IFA Produktionsutveckling, ABB, and LKAB.


In another project called Future Remote Control Demonstrator, RISE Interactive has explored new technologies and models of interaction linked to voice and gesture control. Among the activities, a demo has been produced in Piteå, which shows how using a bracelet (Myo) can control a connected ball (Sphero) through simple projected paths.


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Total budget

2 341 000 kr


Boliden, Construction Tools PC (Atlas Copco), Mine Tec, ORYX Simulations, IFA Produktionsutveckling, ABB, LKAB

Project members

Johan Fagerlönn

Contact person

Johan Fagerlönn

Senior Researcher


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