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Forestry residues

HTL Hydrothermal liquefaction of forestry and agricultural residues

In order to increase profitability in processing of lignocellulosic biomass it is necessisary to maximize
the value of the various streams from the process and the raw material. Processes associated with
wood production comes with residual streams, such as sawdust, bark and lignin.

Generally these are burned to generate energy for internal use, but there are no clear refinery concepts to create a higher value than the energy value. Furthermore, there are large amounts of harvesting and thinning residues that have no largescale use. Most often small, local companies is involved in the handling of these materials. A concept to bring greater value and a broader use of these substreams is to produce a biooil through a hydrothermal liquefaction process; the oil resulting from this process is similar to a version of renewable fossile crude oil. Biooil can be used as a renewable fuel oil or further upgraded to transportation fuels and could potentially be used in the production of chemicals and materials.


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3 years

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6 077 900


Sveaskog, RISE Processum, Holmen Energi, Lantmännen Agroetanol, SEKAB E-technology, RISE, Övik Energi, NiNa Innovation

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Linda Sandström

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Linda Sandström


+46 10 516 61 80

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