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High fidelity soft targets and radar simulation for more efficient testing
Photo: Volvo cars

HiFi Radar Target

A radar's response to a surrogate target can differ from that of real targets, which can cause unexpected reactions to sensor systems in real traffic situations. The project aime at improved evaluation of radar sensor functionality in active safety systems, both on the test track and by using virtual environments.

Automotive millimetre wave radars, thanks to its ability to detect and track objects, are important sensors for both ADAS and AD systems. The radar detects objects at long range (up to 200 meters) compared to other sensors, allowing for early detection and action in good time.

To ensure high reliability of ADAS and AD functions using the radar, extensive tests with soft surrogate targets (such as balloon cars) are required. However, shape and material of surrogate targets differ compared to that of real targets, resulting in different radar detection performance, and hence different activation of the active safety functions. In addition, deformations and variations of re-built surrogate targets can cause unpredictable variations in radar cross section, and thus undesirable variation in activation of ADAS and AD functions.

By working with characterization and improvement of radar targets as well as virtual testing, the project contributes to improved test methods for radar systems, both on test track and virtually. It concerns the development of RCS measurement methods and hardware; improved soft surrogate targets; contribution to international standardization, and implementation of a virtual tool chain that complements testing on test track.


Project name

HiFi Radar Target



RISE role in project

Project manager and participant

Project start


2.5 years

Total budget



AstaZero, Veoneer, Volvo cars




Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Contact person

Kristian Karlsson


+46 10 516 56 58

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