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Heat Pump Centre (HPC) - Independent global communication and collaboration

Since 2004 RISE is host for Heat Pump Centre, a communication and program service for the Technology Collaboration Program on Heat Pumping Technologies within the IEA – International Energy Agency. We work to stimulate and support collaboration between the member countries and to communicate independent information about heat pumping technologies.

Aim and goal
The aim with this task is to stimulate the generation and performance of international collaboration related to research and innovation and to communicate independent information about heat pumping technologies, for heating as well as for cooling, based on the results. The goal is that the program is a worldwide key player to enable that heat pumping technologies play a vital role in the energy and climate transformation.

The mission of the program is to accelerate the transformation to an efficient, renewable, clean and secure energy sector.

To achieve a transition within the energy sector and reach the climatic ambitions, international research and innovation collaboration related to heat pumping technologies are necessary in order to develop the technology, to show its potential and to improve the affordability. The dissemination of independent information about the results from these collaborations are vital.

If information about results from research and innovation collaborations reach important target groups such as policy makers, industry and the utilities a global transformation is possible in order to make sustainable energy reachable for everyone and to combat the climate change.


Project name

Heat Pump Centre (HPC)



RISE role in project

Projektledare för Centret, koordinator för IEA-programmet (HPT TCP)

Project start


Prolonged year by year, one year at a time.

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action

Contact person

Ulrica Örnemar


+46 10 516 59 68

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