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From wood to gasoline via cyclone pyrolysis and zeolite catalysis

Pyrolysis oil produced via rapid pyrolysis from cellulose-based biomass has many applications, such as vehicle fuel for example.

However, the oil has several negative properties due to a high oxygen content, which makes it not suitable for direct use. The oxygen content in the oil can be reduced considerably by upgrading it to olefins and aromatic gasoline hydrocarbons via catalysis over zeolite ZSM-5 or by catalytic hydrotreatment. Within the research project, pyrolysis oil will be produced in RISE's cyclone pyrolysis pilot and various fractions of the oil will then undergo upgrading with tailored made ZSM-5 catalysts developed at the LTU. Overall balances, selectivity and yield etc. for the conversion of wood to gasoline via cyclone pyrolysis and zeolite catalysis will be compared with competing processes. Individual research results will also be useful for integrated catalytic pyrolysis and processes where coke resistant ZSM-5 catalysts are needed.


Project name

From wood to gasoline



RISE role in project

Project leader

Project start


4 years

Total budget

4 460 000 SEK


Sveaskog, Preem, Luleå tekniska universitet


Preem, Energimyndigheten, Sveaskog

Linda Sandström

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Linda Sandström


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