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ETOX 2 - Analysis of water runoffs from electric vehicle fires

The aim of this project is to increase the level of knowledge regarding fires in electric vehicles. Results from the project will be used in relevant risk assessments related to electric vehicles but also other battery applications, for example battery energy storage systems.

ETOX 2 is a continuation of a previous Rise project, ETOX "Toxic gases from fires in electric vehicles". Results from ETOX indicate that certain metals (Ni, Co, Li and Mn) and hydrogen flouride was found to a higher degree in gas emissions resulting from electric vehicles, compared to emissions from conventional vehicles. 

ETOX 2 will complement previous studies, and will additionally analyse runoff water resulting from the use of water upon extinguishing vehicle fires. The environmental impact of vehicle fires, for both conventional and electric vehicles, will be assessed.

The project is in close collaboration with several Swedish rescue services. Results from the study is expected to give rise to an improved risk assessment of fires in electric vehicles as well as fires in other battery applications. 


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Västra Götaland Region

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1.5 y


Länsförsäkringar, If skadeförsäkring, Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg, Räddningstjänsten Luleå, Södertörns Brandförsvarsförbund, Räddningstjänsten Syd, Södra Älvsborgs Räddningstjänstförbund, Stena Teknik, Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap, Borås bildemontering


Swedish Energy Agency

Jonna Hynynen

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Jonna Hynynen


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