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Environmental footprint in Swedish industry – increased understanding

The need to increase the capacity in Sweden to handle future life-cycle-based requirements and expectations for products and services is increasing, both legal and
market-based, from EU policies based on the Environmental Footprint.

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organization Environmental Footprint (OEF) are methods based on life cycle assessment (LCA) initiated by and developed within the European Commission.

The aim of the project is that more organizations in business, authorities and the public sector in Sweden become aware of product-related policy development based on Environmental Footprint at EU level. Through case studies, consequences will be made visible and clarified by proposed method choices in Environmental Footprint to increase knowledge of what effects an implementation can have in Swedish industry. This, in turn, can contribute to the further development of Environmental Footprint and its implementation.

The project will lead to better capacity and readiness to handle future life-cycle-based requirements and expectations, both legal and market-related, that Environmental Footprint leads to. This gives a greater ability for actors in business, in authorities and in the public sector to reflect these demands and expectations in their own innovation projects, strategies and goals.


Project name

Environmental footprint in Sweden



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1 år




Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
Torun Hammar

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Torun Hammar


+46 10 228 47 03

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