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pyrolysis oil

End of life tyres to sulphur free oil, gasoline and diesel

End of life tyres can be recycled to high value products via pyrolysis. Products obatined in this process are recycled carbon black, which can be sold for use in rubber products, and recycled steel. A product denoted pyrolysis oil is also formed (about 30-60%), and commersialisation of the process has been hindered by the fact that it has been difficult to find a viable use for the oil.

By performing simple tests of three potential application areas for pyrolysis oil from tyres, this project aims to contribute to solutions which can increase the economical and environmental profitability of tyre pyrolysis while at the same time reducing the consumption of fossil oil. The technologies to be investigated are upgrading to gasoline via hydrogenation followed by fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), upgrading to diesel in a slurry hydrocracker, and hydrogenation only for upgrading to a sulphur free oil. The first two options are intended to the performed together with fossil feedstock at a complex refinery, while the third option could be performed either at a refinery or in a smaller stand-alone process. Depending on the content of natural rubber in the tyres, the produced fuels are also partly bio-fuels. The results from the tests will be used in an investigation where the potential for such a process in Sweden is explored. The project aims to reduce the consumption of fossil oil by investigating a process where end of life tyres are used both for the production of recycled carbon black and for transportation fuel. The project thereby aims to contribute to the transition to a circular economy and a more efficient use of the natural resources of the Earth.


Project name

from tyres to gasoline and diesel



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Project start


1 year

Total budget

1 250 000


RISE, Scandinavian Enviro Systems, Ragn-Sells

Project members

Linda Sandström

Contact person

Linda Sandström


+46 10 516 61 80

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