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Electric Aviation in Sweden

ELISE creates a roadmap and country wide awareness towards electric aviation in Sweden. The project joins the aerospace industry and technology companies with authorities, health services, police, fire brigades, urban planners, energy companies and transport companies to evaluate how electric aircraft technology can best serve Sweden.

Aviation accounts for 2% of global CO2 emissions, and the proportion is expected to increase to 15-27% by 2050. Therefore, Germany, the US and China are pursuing major investments in fossile free aviation in the form of electric aircraft. The development is only in its infancy but flying prototypes have already been flown. Meanwhile, use cases have been identified for short-haul transport.

Sweden has a strong aerospace industry and a transport infrastructure that relies on air travel. The project joins the aerospace industry and technology companies with authorities, health services, police, fire brigades, urban planners, energy companies and transport companies to evaluate how electric aircraft technology can best serve Sweden.

This project creates a plan for the development and utilization of electric aircraft in Sweden. It is a collaboration between Chalmers, RISE Viktoria, QRTECH and the Civil Aviation Administration, with a reference group including SAAB, GKN Aerospace, Volvo Cars and Gothenburg City.

The project's initiation step brings together a consortium to develop a roadmap. It investigates electric aviation in Sweden from different perspectives: social need, technology inventory, and international positioning. An appropriate first business use case will be identified, with the goal of building half-scale prototype in Step 2 and a full-scale prototype in Step 3.

Electric aircraft contribute to Agenda 2030 targets 7, 8, 9, 11 and 13, by reducing emissions and noise, developing sustainable and innovative industries, and enhancing urban-rural interaction.


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RISE role in project

Participant, lead of package A: Study societal impact of electric aviation.

Project start


9 months

Total budget

635,000 SEK


Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, Luftfartsverket, QRTECH



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
13. Climate action

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Thanh Bui

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