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Efficient recycling of composites via pyrolysis at industrial relevant scale

Material recycling of complex composites is required to improve resource efficiency and promote the circularity. One possible technology to enable the recycling of both fibers and polymers is pyrolysis. In this project, the entire chain will be verified, from recycling to production of new composites on an industrially relevant scale.

Fibre reinforced composites have very good strength and weight properties and are used in boats, aircraft, cars, sports equipment etc. Due to stricter emissions requirements, these materials are expected to increase significantly in the car industry. Composites are complex materials consisting of several different parts and at present recycling is often inadequate, mainly based on energy recycling with limited material recycling. With tougher environmental legislation, improved resource efficiency and material recycling are necessary. In our previous research we have shown on lab scale that pyrolysis is a promising technique for FRP and allows recovery of both polymers and high-quality fibres. Through collaboration between research institutes, technology owners and users, in this project we plan to verify the entire chain from recycling of FRP from the aerospace and wind power industry to production of new Sheet Molding Compound materials intended for reuse in the automotive industry in an industrially relevant scale.


Project name

Recycling of composites



RISE role in project

Projektledare och deltagare.

Project start


3 years

Total budget

5 782 400


Scandinavian Enviro Systems



Project members

Ann-Christine Johansson
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