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E-care@­home: A distributed research environment for e-health

E-care@­home is a distributed research environment whose objective is to support the independent living elderly patients. To this end, we leverage the multidisciplinary backgrounds of the project partners to build systems combining IoT technology, health sensors, and artificial intelligence.

Aim and goal

E-care@­home aims to support the independent living of elderly patients at home.


An important challenge for the project is to automate the collection and management of health-related information from the elderly. This requires not only energy-efficient and robust sensor data collection but also semantic interoperability to link together different sources of information about the patient.


We build a complete system consisting of a set of different sensors to measure health indicators on the body, state-of-the-art communication protocols for wireless IoT networks to deliver the  information efficiently, and different methods based on ontologies and text processing to analyze the data and achieve semantic interoperability.


E-care@­home contributes knowledge about how information technology can be used to reduce the expected cost increases of elderly healthcare in the future. Beside the research papers and source code that is published, the project helps to advance Swedish industry's position within areas such as smart consumer electronics, telecommunication, sensor networks, and IoT-based industrial automation.


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Peter Kjäll

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